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Your daily dose of style for the modern mum


Day dot is defined as the beginning of something. For me it marks the start of life as a mum, a life which saw a seismic shift from anything that had come before it. Once I had my son Rafferty I was no longer a journalist and a beauty editor, I was a mum whose sole responsibility was to look after this little creature. And although I adored him I really mourned the loss of my career, my creative outlet of writing, and my connection with other like-minded women. So while on maternity leave, during stolen seconds at sleep time I created Day Dot – a website for the style conscious mum. I realised that although I’d had a baby and my life was very different, I was still the same person who liked the same things – the only difference was I had less time (and now a baby in tow!) Naturally as a new mum I wanted to find websites that gave me good mummy tips but also non-mumsy stuff like the must-have boot of the season and the latest beauty innovation. Curated with the style conscious and multi-tasking mum in mind Day Dot has been created to inspire and connect with modern mums around the world through fashion, beauty, lifestyle and of course, babies.


Sarah Murray
Founder of Day Dot